Add respondent

With this function you'll create an empty candidate/respondent pair.

The next things are created in the database:

  • An empty candidate record (with name, surname, email and other stable characteristics which identify the person)
  • An empty respondent record, with all the data of the MIDAS and some data changing over time, that however should not identify the person
  • An invoice line, charging you with the fee for one MIDAS profile
  • An invoice line, charging you for the aMI fee. The aMI fee will be transferred to the aMI foundation

Then you are presented with an edit screen, with as yet no data filled in.

CAVE: pushing the [Add] button irrevocably generates an invoice line. Please remember that you can always save these 'open' slots for a later occasion. You may choose to [Move] these slots to another (special) group. When pushing [BACK] in this screen, with required fields left blank, your browser will protest ... you will need to put in some bogus data before pushing the [BACK]-button.