Client Submenu

The Client submenu offers you a screen with some info and an additional menu.

Information shown

  • Some identfiiation data on your organization and the user
  • It shows who is your Reseller (aka Provider)
  • On the right upper there is some information on how many profiles there are in the database for this client. It also states how much invoice items are open and the value of these. Open invoice items will are the basis of the next invoice your reseller is going to send you.
  • There is some info on your certification level. Your certification level influences which functions of OMS you can use. Group Reports, for example, cannot be obtained with a certification below Practitioner. You may notice the field ‘certified until’. At this point there are no consequences attached to this, though it might be that in the future it will be obligatory to re-certify regularly.
  • The logo of the client may be shown here. This is a function under development. Now it shows the TweeMC|MIResearch logo.
  • The rest of the screen is taken by your Log. All kinds of events are written in your logfile, such as adding or deleting things. As you see, you can Download and Clear the logfile. NB: clearing the logfile is irrevocable. Gone is gone. So always download it, before clearing.

The Client submenu

These are the choices you can make in this menu, which will lead you into several other submenu's:

  • [Account]this is the module in which you can change several data about client and yourself as user, such as address, username and password.
  • [Subscribe]in this module you can switch on and off the subscriptions that you have to group reports and some extra functions.
  • [Tools]refers you to the same set of functions as in the main admin screen.
  • [Back]: go to the previous screen - which is the Main Admin screen.


The client submenu screen