Getting Started


To be allowed to use the OMS and the MIDAS profiles you will have to registered as a certified user. There are several levels - Foundation, Practitioner and Mentor. The certification is obtained by one of the parties who give registration courses:

  • MIResearch Ltd, the company of Branton Shearer, developer of the MIDAS questionnaire
  • TweeMC | MIResearch; this company focuses on MIDAS registration for mental health care workers
  • BCO Onderwijsadvies; this company focuses on educational workers
  • aMI; who focus on coaches

In the Netherlands the aMI is the holder of the registry. See their website to get registered. When registration is done by them, they will inform TweeMC and they will add you as a user to the OMS. The password and username will be sent to you by aMI.

When you are from another country, the request for registering as a user of OMS must pass Branton Shearer of MIResearch Ltd. Please visit his website for more information.

Logging into the OMS

Go to the OMS V2 website:

You will then see the next screen in your browser window:

OMS login screen


Enter your usercode and password and click on the [     >     ]-button. You will get into the MAIN ADMIN screen.