Main Admin Screen

In the menu of the Main Admin Screen there are several buttons, which lead you to the submenu's for the basis functions of the application:

  • The [Client] submenu. Here you can see information on your organisation, change some values and see your logfile.
  • The [Group] submenu. Adding and editing groups. When you want to have a person take the MIDAS, you'll make a Respondent. These are placed within a group. Groups can have several variables, which changes the behaviour of how the MIDAS is presented to the Respondent.
  • The [Respondents] submenu. Here you will do most administrative work. Respondents can be added, deleted, moved to another group. You can see the status of the Respondents, invite them and remind them. When they have finished their MIDAS this is also the place where you can download the profile.
  • The [Tools] submenu, such as downloading a MIDAS questionnaire, making a newsitem, importing data generated by the old OMS, and exporting data for use in a spreadsheet or statistical package.
  • The [Invoices]  submenu is shown only when the user is a Reseller. The reseller can manage the invoices to the Clients here.

The main part of this screen is a window which shows the latest newsitems.


Main Menu Screen