Mass add

The mass add windowTo do a mass add of respondents, you will have to prepare a .csv file in a spreadsheet, such as LibreOffice. For each respondent that you want in the group, you will have to prepare a record consisting of the five fields listed in the image to the right.

Make sure you save this file to type .csv, and make sure to set the extended filters on, so that you may change the separator to a semicolon. The spreadsheet might look somewhat like the one below:

Example spreadsheet for mass add

In the input window (right image here) you will have to choose this file and please do not forget to select the group to which want to add all these respondents to. If all is selected just push [Submit] on the top of the page. A different screen will be loaded, in which you can check the results before [Commit]ting them:

Mass add check screenYou will see the same names as in the spreadsheet above; if anything is different, then something went wrong (e.g. the seperator!). Choosing [Back] at this point will result in no adding of candidate/respondent pairs.

When you do [Committhis will mean that

  • candidates records will be added to the database
  • respondent records will be added to the database in the group you specified
  • and invoice lines will be generated, so you can be charged for the profiles.