The roots of the OMS V2

For several years the developer of the OMS V2 system has been working together with Branton Shearer, of MIResearch Ltd., to implement the MIDAS in the Netherlands. Back then the first OMS was developed for MIResearch Ltd., but it was found to be a difficult to  manage system, written making use of Wordpress, and especially the localisation continued to give problems. Also in other ways, the system did not meet the functionality that was needed. For instance, invitations by email by the system were not supported. This led to the decision of Haiko Jessurun to start a new OMS from scratch.

Programming philosophy

The OMS is based on open source software on the LAMP stack:

  • Operating system: Linux - Ubuntu
  • Webserver: Apache
  • Database server: MySQL
  • Programming: PHP

Within the programming the backend and the frontend are separated by making use of the Smarty libraries. For generating the pdf's the fpdf library is used.

User interface

The administration interface is in a as clear and simple possible layout. There is always a menu with buttons on top. Hovering above the buttons give some guidance on what they are for. The interface is programmed in such a way, that the important things can be viewed in one screen. The interface is build upon intimate knowledge on what a user would need in keeping track of the MIDAS profiles.