Respondents Submenu

Respondents submenuThe [Respondents] submenu is the one you will probably be using the most often. See the image on the right. There are several functions in the menu, and some icons you can click on in the main screen.

Respondents all reside in groups. So one of the important things to do when working in this module is that you select the right group in the dropdown box. In this example the Testgroup is selected. In the window the respondents in this group are all presented. You can see its identification number, name, the type of MIDAS taken, when the record was created, at what date the respondent was invited (by email).

In the top menu the following functions and modules are available:

  • [Add] creates a new candidate, with a respondent record attached to it.
  •  [Mass Add] allows you to upload a .csv file, adding several candidates/respondents to this group.
  • [ReAdd] is a function still in development. This allows you to attach a second (or third) respondent record to the same candidate. In the example the red asterisk shows that a respondent has another respondent record associated with it.
  • If you have selected respondents, by checking the box in the options columns, and you click on [Invite], all the selected records will receive the initial invitation email (such as defined in the group email template). The column Invited will have the date in it. BEWARE: if you do not select any respondents before pressing [Invite] all previously uninvited respondents in this group will receive an invitation.
  • Again, selecting records, and pressing [Remind] will send a reminder, and update the Reminded and #R fields.
  • The [Move] function allows you to move selected records to another group. 
  • The [Clear] function enables you to reuse stale invitations. In case that a person has never finished his MIDAS, so there was no profile created, his record can be cleared. This means that the Candidate and connected Respondent record are removed from the database (if possiblEdit respondente), and new ones are created. This record will then not be charged.
  • The [Delete] function allows you to anonimize  or delete a respondent record.


In the Options column there are some icons, that are very important:

  • editWhen you click on this pencil, then a new screen will open in which you can edit the candidate/respondent. NOTA BENE: it is not possible to go [BACK] if one or more of the required fields are empty. So if you want this you'll have to enter some bogus data.
  • Document download iconWhen clicking this icon, which will only appear when the respondent has finished his MIDAS, you will download the MIDAS profile for this respondent to your browser. It depends a bit on your browsers settings how this shows - in some cases a notification will be seen in the download area, in other cases the pdf will be opened in a viewer. 
  • Mail envelopeThis icon will also appear only when the MIDAS has been finished by the respondent. It will send the profile and an interpretative package (if applicable) to the respondents email. For this reason a valid email address is required
  • Clipboard iconThis icon does appear when the respondent has not yet finished or started his MIDAS. This will give you the opportunity to leave the administrative screens and skip directly to the questionnaire for this respondent. This makes it possible to have a respondent take the MIDAS at your office, without sending an invitational email.