MIDAS Survey

This is the part of the manual, which describes what Candidates/Respondents get to see.

General description

Candidates get invited by email by their MIDAS professional. This means that in the most normal and optimal circumstances they expect the invitation, because they have been informed of the project.

The actual email can be different, depending on the Group Template. Each Group can have its specific email message defined. It may be something like this (in this case in Dutch):

Beste Esther Ornstein,
Hierbij nodigen we je uit voor het invullen van de MIDAS. Volg hiervoor onderstaande link:


In geval van vragen, neem dan contact op met je MI professional:
  Haiko Jessurun (TweeMC)

Met vriendelijke groet,

Haiko Jessurun

The essential element in this mail is of course the link to the actual survey. The respondent needs to click on this link. This will load the [Personalia] page of the MIDAS questionnaire.