Tools Submenu

The [Toolbox]  has several functions. Most of them are restricted to the superuser, but are shown here for completeness.

  • The [List] tool: shows you a list of all MIDAS types you are allowed to use. You can also download a 'paper' version of these MIDAS questionnaires. For language comparison purposes there is an option to print a questionnaire with the original English next to another language.
  • The [Edit MIDAS] tool is only for superusers, to make small corrections to the questionnaires.
  • The [Upload MIDAS] tool is used to upload an entire new MIDAS questionnaire to the database. This can only be done by a superuser. Uses are when a completely new language is added, or a major overhaul of an existing translation.
  • The [Checks] tool is run periodically by the superuser for database integrity. For instance, it checks for orphaned candidates (candidates without a single respondent related to it) and client/respondent integrity.
  • The [Import data] tool can be used if you are migrating from the old OMS by Branton Shearer to this OMS.
  • The [News] tool enables you to write short messages, which you want to share with all users of the OMS.


The toolbox menu screen