The OMS Invoice structure

The OMS has a module for resellers, which generates invoices. Clients will be sent invoices from this system by email in a pdf. These invoices are generated making use of invoice lines. Invoice lines themselves are generated by time driven events for subscriptions to the basic system and specific extra functions on a monthly base, and event driven by actions such as adding respondents.

Time driven invoice lines

The time driven invoice lines are generated by a script that is run several times a month. It checks the status of each subscription to see whether it has outdated. If so (and when the subscription has not been ended by the client) a new line will be generated for the next month.

On the invoice you will see these lines defined as: OMS Basic Subscription, or Subscription for report 'reportname'.

OMS Basic Subscription

To be able to use the Online MIDAS System you will have to be subscribed. To be able to subscribe you will have to be registered at Foundation Level or higher (see Getting Started). Each month an invoice line will be generated. At the moment an amount of €5,00 is charged per month.

Group Report Subscriptions

See Subscribe on how to start or end a subscription to a group report. Starting a group report subscription will generate an invoice line for current date. Each month that the subscription is active a new invoice line will be generated. At the moment an amount of €5,00 is charged per month of active subscription.

Event driven invoice lines

When a Client adds or mass adds respondents invoice lines are created.

In case of a single respondent being added two lines are added, one with the fee for the respondent slot and one with the aMI fee. The aMI fee will be forwarded to the aMI Foundation ( At the moment a respondent slot costs €5,00 (including VAT) and the aMI fee is €1,00 (no VAT charged).

On the invoice you will see these lines as 'MIDAS / respondent number / Groupname' and 'aMI fee'. 

Nota bene: respondent slots are charged at the moment you create them, not at the moment when the respondents finishes his profile, or the moment you invite the respondent.

When you have performed a mass add the invoice lines will be 'MIDAS Online profiles (mass add)' and 'aMI (mass add)' . The number of profiles you added will be shown.

Special event

The reseller has the possibility to add an invoice line, for instance for performing special actions for the client.

Generating the invoices

Your reseller (most probably that will be either B. Shearer or H. Jessurun) decides when to send invoices. In his dashboard he has a tool in which he can see how much invoice lines are open for how much money. Heavy users will more often get an invoice then light users. Probably, for most clients an invoice once every three months will be the norm.